Who is The Noise of We anyhow?

About Us

The Noise of We is an original music recording vehicle to transport the songs of Michael Paumgardhen and Juliet Easton to your lovely ears.

We both write songs in a wide variety of genres, hence our tagline – Defying Genrelization, one song at a time!

Michael began playing drums when he was eight-years-old and guitar when he was 13. He has been in many bands in his life, beginning in NYC, where he played public saxophone (guitar) in 8 Eyed Spy, Devil Dogs, Instant Music, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, and Floor Kiss.

In Atlanta he rocked lead guitar in Crawlspace, Heathen Girls, Mick the Gun, Ulysses at Home, and Zsa Zsa Party. In Athens, GA he played guitar in Trey Boyer Band, Deus Veult, Calvin Don’t Jump, SheHeHe, and many solo gigs. And in Wilmington, NC Michael shredded with Jake the Evil Redneck, Black Mac, and Helen Killer Corp.

Juliet began songwriting when she was in elementary school. Piano was her first instrument, composing by ear in her grandparent’s living room. She had a few piano lessons in third grade, played saxophone in band in eighth grade, and began playing bass guitar when she was 19. She’s also tapped out rhythms on whatever was handy since she was a toddler and as an adult began playing djembe and various percussion instruments. But she didn’t conquer her fear of the drum kit until 2013 and she played her first gig as a drummer a month later.

Michael and Juliet began collaborating on music the very night they met, working on a song of Juliet’s called Flood of Memories. They recorded one song in 2012 and another one in 2013, but haven’t done any recording since. They plan on resuming recording in early 2019.



Songs in Progress

Listen to playlist of a music project with musicians Michael Paumgardhen, Juliet Easton, & Patterson Garcia.

a Capella Song Sketches

These are a Capella song sketches I recorded on my iPhone with no effects and no editing. I recorded them and sent them to Michael so he can create guitar …